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i <3 kayla mucho.

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ah. <333 [29 Jul 2006|11:02pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]


its the BEST feeling in the world.
i recommend falling in love, seriously.
its so good.


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fooey [23 Feb 2006|11:37pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i reallly dont like you.

at all.

its official.

my hatred for you has reached its peak

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you [29 Jan 2006|07:13pm]
id like to hate you.

i think, i will.

k so, from now on i hate you.
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dgdsar5tae [09 Jan 2006|04:42pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

cameras + sunsets + roof = : D

yay for sunsets.

i want to make a movie now.




later sk8r

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[13 Dec 2005|07:48pm]
ahh love
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shut up and dance. [03 Dec 2005|08:00pm]
[ mood | amused ]

life is sooooooo awesome.

X 57248592758


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everyone should have conversations, good for the soul [27 Nov 2005|12:49am]
[ mood | anxious ]

id love to x: love is good for the soul.
id love to x: cuddling with someone you love, is... the most amazing feeling.
id love to x: ever.
barkingpiglets: love can be good.. but its hard to find someone you love
barkingpiglets: i i wouldnt no cus ive never had that
barkingpiglets: have you
id love to x: i dont believe i have either.
barkingpiglets: liek do you have that reference
id love to x: but.. being in someones arm, even if your not sure about how you feel.
id love to x: is such a wonderful feeling.
id love to x: its like
id love to x: you feel safe, and..
barkingpiglets: yes i agree
barkingpiglets: yes
id love to x: nothing can take you away from where you are, and how you feel in the moment.
barkingpiglets: if thers a spark but i dont belive thats love
id love to x: i dont either
barkingpiglets: yes i agree
id love to x: i think love grows on you
barkingpiglets: 100 percent
barkingpiglets: yes
barkingpiglets: liek you have roughparts
id love to x: it starts with the cuddling and little late night talks.
id love to x: and then it grows on you, and you realize how you really feel about the person.
barkingpiglets: and learning to live with the other persons problems and anoying habbits is love
id love to x: and how you love them, including their flaws.
id love to x: yeah
barkingpiglets: yes
id love to x: like, not reazling there flaws.
id love to x: but being able to live with them, and letting the mistakes contribute to your relationship.
id love to x: i cant wait to be in love.
id love to x: but.. just being in someones arms and knowing that they care, is good enough for me at this age.
id love to x: and if it turns into love, its even better.
barkingpiglets: liek love is finding the right person that that allows you to take care of ther problems and them to take care of yours
barkingpiglets: ye sdefinenty
id love to x: its being able to agree to disagree.
barkingpiglets: i agree complety
id love to x: and being able to say sorry the minute after you realize that youvedone something wrong.
id love to x: and making up, with out hurting eachother, compromise.
barkingpiglets: yes and tehm nowing u meanit
id love to x: and knowing that they care about you, by saying sorry and taking time to make it up to you.
id love to x: knowing that one person will be there for you.always is amazing.
barkingpiglets: yes
id love to x: being able to be scared, and not afraid to talk about it
barkingpiglets: that goesinto friendships too
barkingpiglets: liek thatneeds ot be liek in firnedship but u connect in a different way
id love to x: having someone to hold your hand, and take walks with you to just talk and tell eachtoher how much you love them
id love to x: i dont feel like theres a definition for love.
id love to x: like.
id love to x: there cant be, is it in the dictionary.
id love to x: cause, its a feeling
id love to x: and... certain feelings your cant describe.
barkingpiglets: yes it is but its just liek porbably love is an edxtreme feling of emotion towards someone
barkingpiglets: thast my definition
id love to x: its like.. knots in your stomach when you see their eyes make contact with yours.
barkingpiglets: yess
id love to x: and.. chills down your spine when your holding their hand
barkingpiglets: but loev need sto be a connection with both
id love to x: and tears down your cheeks when their away, or when their upset.
barkingpiglets: liek loev is not being inlove iht movie star and very tiem u se them liek you r stomach tangles
barkingpiglets: yess
barkingpiglets: omg
id love to x: and. not being able to keep your eyes off them.
barkingpiglets: our converstaion is amazing if it was a picture id frame it
id love to x: when their there, you just keep glancing thier way.
barkingpiglets: ye sliek staring liek aimlessly
id love to x: and.. when your phone rings, and you see their number.
id love to x: you smile
barkingpiglets: liek an dall you can think about is them and what they're doing
id love to x: a wide, bright smile.
id love to x: yes.
barkingpiglets: or you wish they were calling
barkingpiglets: and u check your phone lik eevry ten minutes
id love to x: but its also about trust.
barkingpiglets: an dthen its finnally them
barkingpiglets: yes
id love to x: and knowing that when their out, there thinking bout you.
barkingpiglets: yeah thats whats fcuks up a relationship if its no tpersistant
id love to x: thats love.
id love to x: it is.
id love to x: wow
id love to x: i need that.
barkingpiglets: me too
id love to x: but i feel like.. even if you have these feelings its not love, unless the other person feels the same
id love to x: like, i have felt this before.
id love to x: but. its not the same when you have nothing in return
id love to x: when you have the same thing coming at you, its love.
barkingpiglets: yes
barkingpiglets: it just hurts you mor ewhen it snot comign form
id love to x: and its pretty amazing knowing someone cares that much about you.
barkingpiglets: love is hate....hate is love
barkingpiglets: yeah i nee dthat
id love to x: its like.
id love to x: just thinking about them makes you shiver.
id love to x: or just smile.
barkingpiglets: and i hate when someone has that toward you but you dont hav that towards them
id love to x: it gives you this excitement that you dont feel when opening a present.
barkingpiglets: that breaks me in half
id love to x: or winning the lotto
barkingpiglets: yeah
barkingpiglets: but better
id love to x: its .. so different.
id love to x: i dont understand the feeling
id love to x: like.
id love to x: its so awesome.
id love to x: but its so .. unexplainable.
barkingpiglets: do oyu have it
id love to x: its just there.
id love to x: honestly. i dont know.
id love to x: i feel like.
barkingpiglets: yeah
id love to x: ive had this feeling before
id love to x: but
id love to x: it wasnt ever real
barkingpiglets: yeha me too
id love to x: in any of my other relationships
barkingpiglets: yeha i forced mysle finto having it
id love to x: so.. if i ever feel it, or if im feeling it now.
id love to x: i cant tell whether its real
barkingpiglets: are u in a relationship?
id love to x: nooo.
barkingpiglets: k i thought so
id love to x: haha.
id love to x: thanks.
id love to x: for knowing im single.
id love to x: but. like
id love to x: do you know what i mean
id love to x: when i say i cant tell the different.
id love to x: difference
barkingpiglets: .i do 100 perecnt
id love to x: like..
barkingpiglets: im very proud of u for speaking liek thi
id love to x: ok examples.
id love to x: like
barkingpiglets: kay
id love to x: this guy
id love to x: i had all these feelings.
id love to x: and they were returned completley.
id love to x: turned into a relationship.
barkingpiglets: yeah
id love to x: but.
id love to x: then when it was over.
id love to x: and i didnt feel anything.
barkingpiglets: yes i see
id love to x: i knew it was all just.. nothing
id love to x: like.
barkingpiglets: wait who wa sthatw ith
barkingpiglets: o i no ok
barkingpiglets: i got it
id love to x: k
id love to x: lol
id love to x: and.
id love to x: when it was over. i wasnt hurt like.
barkingpiglets: yeha that sucks kayla
id love to x: i moved on completley.
barkingpiglets: it wasnt pure
id love to x: and i was like.. i thought.. i was in love.
id love to x: but... i really wasnt
id love to x: and then
barkingpiglets: thast goo dsomtimes
id love to x: this other kid.
id love to x: i honeslty.
barkingpiglets: you need soemhting like that to cath ur gournd
id love to x: thought i was in love with him.
id love to x: i really did.
id love to x: then
barkingpiglets: yeah
id love to x: when i saw how fast i got over him
barkingpiglets: yeah
id love to x: and moved on to someone else.
id love to x: iw as like
id love to x: what.
id love to x: the
id love to x: fuck
id love to x: and now.
id love to x: or.
id love to x: next time i feel like that
id love to x: im not sure
id love to x: im not gunna be sure, if its like.
id love to x: there
id love to x: until it happens and its over.
id love to x: and, i wanna know. if im in love or not. i mean, is it possible to tell
barkingpiglets: yes liek theirs a guy and liek hes so sweet he makes me laugh.. he makes me cry and i cnat stop thinking about him and he says the samethings but then he goes and messes wiht other girls
barkingpiglets: yeah that sucks
barkingpiglets: i think you really cant nbo
barkingpiglets: til its over
barkingpiglets: till you dont have that anymore
barkingpiglets: liek all amazing relationships have to go through smothing horible to make it out straihgt
barkingpiglets: u both have to loose it and realize what u have til ur in love
barkingpiglets: and then ur liek im in love with him...... and he sliek iminlov ewith her then you build it back up stronger then ever
id love to x: yeah
id love to x: i dont know
id love to x: love is so complicated like, i wish i could figure it out.
id love to x: but. its so amazing, not knowing
barkingpiglets: yeha none has
barkingpiglets: yes3
id love to x: its just like.. there. BAM
barkingpiglets: thast what makes it the best
barkingpiglets: a suprise
id love to x: it just hits you on the head one day.
barkingpiglets: liek a suprise party s better than a regualar one
id love to x: when you like.. get those shivers and those smiles and warmth
barkingpiglets: not nowing what presen tur gunna get i samasing
barkingpiglets: yes
id love to x: wow.
id love to x: love.

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<3 [26 Nov 2005|05:28pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

i have to open up more.

im very outgoing, but only to my close friends.

lets change that shall we?

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please. [23 Nov 2005|09:11pm]
[ mood | cold ]

if i know you just look at me and smile in the hallway please.

please dont be mean

please dont repeat things more then 14 times.

and if you love me, please show it

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[15 Nov 2005|07:20pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

life is





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[26 Sep 2005|09:35pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i love life.

: D

my weekends have been amazing

getting blazed, walking around til 2 am, seeing everyone i want to see
while ignoring the people i really dont like.

sex.. is gunna be cool.

nuff said.


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[18 Sep 2005|01:55am]
bailey is here.

guess what?

she just had sex with a guy that lives in indiana.

yeah bitch.
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wow. [17 Sep 2005|08:51pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

im really happy with the way things are turning out.

i really am.

there are some things id love to have.

im hoping to get closer with a lot of people this year.

it would be cool to meet a guy that i could watch the sunset with.

id like to get good grades,

and make my parents proud for once.

i really think i can accomplish most of those things.

and im really happy with my progress.

i feel like ive been helping a lot of people lately

i really enjoy making people smile and laugh.

and i believe im pretty good at it, with most people.

: D

so if you need some cheering up come hang with mee.

but, i havent been feeling like an outcast.

everyone at school has really accepted everyone as a person

and im really enjoying that.

i love making new friends, and just hanging out with everyone that i havent seen all summer.

honestly i dont think that im going to have to go back to my old habbits this year.

ive been doing an awesome job stopping myself from doing the things i dont want to do anymore.

i definatley got a lot of help from certain people, but im really happy how much im pushing myself.

i really like most of my classes, and volleyball has been going really well for me.
game monday home 4 30 or 6. be there beyotch.

Kay, i hope everyone is happy, and giddy and is enjoying life as much as i am.


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yess [11 Sep 2005|08:54pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

school has been going alright.

i dont know how im going to play volleyball and manage to get all my school work done at the same time.

but yeah volleyball has been going pretty awesome.

we came in 3rd at our first tournament.

Im really excited for this year to just kick off.

i feel like its going to be amazing.

i met so many awesome people over the summer, and i cant wait to see everyone again.

even though i really dont like croton, i think ill manage to have an amazing year.

going to shows, citying it up, volleyball, meeting new people.

its all gunna be amazing.

i love life so effing much, and this year nothing is gunna make me upset.

its all happiness.

ive been doing a good job not caring what people think and its going great.

ive also made a promise to myself to not fall in love again, or get too involved with boys.

i think ill just leave it at making out and holding hands :D

I also got a digital camera to capture all the amazing moments im gunna have this year.

Well, i gots to go finish my homework and be happy.

Later cool cats


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[30 Aug 2005|08:32pm]
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[28 Aug 2005|09:49pm]
[ mood | HAPPY AS FUCK ]

i fucking love my life.

i stopped caring about what other people think.

and its been going to fucking well.

life, is fucking AMAZING.

everything happens for a reason

and it all did.


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asshole [25 Aug 2005|09:47pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

people dont realize what comes out of there mouth is heard by other people.

they just talk out of there ass, and hurt other people.

everytime i try and have a conversation with you

you kill my day/night.

because of your stupidity, i have to pretend not to care

about you, or about anything that involves you

about anything that comes out of your mouth

because you killed what we could have had
and then you ripped our friendship apart.

and i dont like you because of that.

i cant have a conversation with you because of that.

because you act like everyone around you is the most selfish person ever.

but really its you.

i liked you SO fucking much.
it nearly killed me.

and everytime, everytime something good comes along
you always find a way to destroy it completley
and tear it to shreads.

'you wouldnt know a good thing if it came up and slit your throat'

you act like your the most helpful human being in the world.
like you cant live without having other people happy.

but you just do that for your own pleasure.
because you know, that reason there upset
has something to do with you.

cause you HURT people so gosh damn much.

you act like your helping people, by telling them what to do
telling them whats MORAL and whats not?!

are you fucking kiddnig me,
my own parents dont do that.

your supposed to let people make mistakes for themselves,
not tell them your stupid ass opinions on the stupidest things.

im sorry, but your the only one in the history of EVERYONE ive ever known
that says hooking up is... immoral.. like are you serious.

you do.. the stupidest things.
little things, that just make me want to strangle you.

i just wrote an entire entry on everything youve done.
everything youve done to hurt me, or anyone else.

& its annoying
&& its selfish
&&& its wrong

you need to just look back
look all the fucking way back

when you were happy.
im sure when you were happy other people were too.

and now, that your so fucking confusing, and so fucking complicated
i cant have a normal conversation with you.

i go a few days with out talking to you,
and then BOOM.

i say hi, and tell you my plans for the weekend
and you have a cow.

whatever. I DONT CARE.
its killing me okay?



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[21 Aug 2005|11:00pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

i want to be a vegan : D

it would be hard tho.

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[20 Aug 2005|12:10am]
[ mood | awake ]

There's no other way
To better say
I love you...

I love you, is that okay...?

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[15 Aug 2005|10:04pm]
i hope almost every single girl in the world just... died.

just.. passed out.

and died.

i hate girls.

so much






that all excludes me. :D

go away.
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